5 unexpected facts about Lorem Ipsum

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1) The origins: tracing back to Cicero and his Roman writings.

It’s believed that Lorem Ipsum was derived from a piece of Cicero’s writing, “De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum”, which dates back to 45 BC.

2) The meaning behind the phrase

“Lorem Ipsum” is derived from Latin and can be loosely translated as “pain itself”. However, some have interpreted it as a form of gibberish or nonsense text.

3) The use of Lorem Ipsum in printing and publishing

Since the 1500s, printers have used Lorem Ipsum as a standard placeholder text to demonstrate the layout of a page without using actual content. Digital designers has adopted this idea for demonstrate how designs performs with different text-lengths.

4) Bacon ipsum, hipster ipsum, hodor ipsum

The popularity of Lorem Ipsum has led to the creation of numerous Lorem Ipsum generators, including some that generate text based on popular TV shows, movies, food items and other pop-culture phenomenons.

5) Used for over 500 years

Although it is often associated with modern-day design and typesetting, the use of Lorem Ipsum can be traced back to the 1500s when it was used by a printer in a book of model typefaces.

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